Are You a Modern Day Joseph?

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You might be a modern-day Joseph if…

People laugh at your dreams

Your friends and family plot against you

You aren’t like everyone else, you don’t blend in

Your co-workers falsely accuse you

You aren’t good enough to be part of the establishment

You lay down at night believing God is going to use you, but a part of you wonders if you might be just living in a fairy tale world.

When I first heard the story of Joseph in the Bible,

I was fascinated because it reminded me so much of my story. Joseph was a boy that no one understood. He had dreams and he knew within his spirit he was destined for greatness. His dreams were so real he had to share them with those whom he loved. His brothers hated him and soon his father rebuked him and eventually he was shunned and sent away.

I wonder how many millions of people have had their destiny altered

because they were shunned by family, friends, and yes even the church. I have a passion today to encourage and empower the modern-day Josephs to ignore the naysayers and understand that  your dreams moving forward are the tools God will use to paint your story on His glorious canvas that will reflect Him, through you!

God is weaving you into His masterpiece and has created you uniquely to demonstrate His purpose through your story.

How many times do we hear how we should behave, act, dream and if we aren’t careful pride will creep in and destroy our soul.  I never found that to be true because when I pursue the passion of my dreams, I am on an adventure that is personal between me and God.  I run in a field of grace so when I do stumble or make a mistake, that still small voice corrects me in love and puts me on the path to His purpose.

Every day is a new day we have the opportunity to choose to listen and live out our purpose in wisdom, conviction and grace.

As modern-day Josephs in today’s world, we often feel alone in pursuing our God-given dreams.  But I want to encourage you that you are never alone and the uniqueness of your individual dream is confirmation of God’s creativity to empower your purpose.

We modern day Joseph’s must begin to understand that our purpose is to bring love, peace, joy and Jesus to a hurting world.

Our purpose is greater than the pain and rejection the world will inflict on us. We must never forget that the power in us is greater than any power in the world. We must stand up for truth and encourage those who are weak, tired, and have lost hope.

We were born for this time in this world and we cannot abandon our call, our dreams, and most of all our purpose. We modern-day Josephs must be a catalyst in bringing a revolution to the modern-day church that has lost its purpose of empowering, encouraging and equipping individuals to live life on purpose and with a passion for God!

If you believe you are one of these modern-day Josephs, and have a message that speaks volumes, we want to hear about it.

Ron Meyers is the founder of Ron Meyers Ministries and is available for speaking. Our vision is to empower and encourage those who have lost hope and to recruit others to share their message that speaks volumes.

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