Be Still and Hear God

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I love my quiet time. My productions cause me to be around large noisy crowds, but when the music stops, it’s me and God and I don’t let anything hinder my quiet time.

Jesus spent a lot of time with God

If it was that important to the Son of God, it should be important to us. In the quiet, God begins to speak. The Spirit, thrives on solitude. The voice of God does not scream; it’s a still, small voice. For you to hear Him, you must learn to get quite in His presence. You won’t learn anything, while you’re doing all the talking.

What about you?

Do you ever feel like you are in a rut or perhaps you are dealing with questions and you just can’t seem to get clear answers? When this happens, we lose our creativity and we are not living up to our full potential and seem to operate on survival mode and you could very well could miss a God opportunity.

May I suggest strongly that you make an appointment with God. Before the family wakes or before you go to bed and then journal what you hear. I have discovered that writing down “God thoughts” are truly inspiring, especially when I am having a bad day. Here are Three powerful benefits for spending quiet time with God.

  1. Clarity and understanding my role in life.
  2. Building a relationship with my creator who is totally for me and never against me.
  3. A recharging of my spiritual batteries!

I truly believe that we are living in times that require all of us to be still and listen. There is so much in life for each of us to discover and our quiet time with God points us in the right direction.

Have a blessed week and enjoy your peace and quiet!

Psalm 46:10- “Be still and know that I am God:”

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