Desperate Cry

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When was the last time you were desperate to hear from God? I mean really hear from Him. Is there something in your life or the life of a loved one that needs healing, forgiveness, or restoring? Maybe you just need to know that God is real and cares about you. In last week’s blog, Relatable, I shared how Christianity is the only belief where God reaches out to us. Yet, while God is always there, He often waits for us to cry out to Him.

I remember a time when I was desperate to hear from God. My husband and I have one child, a son, who at two years old was diagnosed with learning disabilities and showed signs of autism. After three years of “early childhood intervention program” through the public school system, our son was ready to begin first-grade in a standard classroom… or so we thought.

If you have a child with a special need, then you understand that an IEP meeting differs from a parent-teacher meeting. In the IEP meeting, every person involved in your child’s educational development will be present at the meeting. In our case, this included our son’s special needs teacher, child psychologist, physical therapist, and speech therapist. While everyone present agreed that huge strides had been made over the last three years, the teacher and the psychologist could not agree on how to “label” our son and thus make recommendations for the following school year. As their disagreement became more and more intense, I become stressed and anxious. I remember thinking that if those who have special needs training could not agree, then how was I (with no SN training) going to know what was best to do for our son?

In that moment of desperation, I cried out to God. Not audibly but in my heart, right there at the table, in that conference room, my heart cried out to God… HELP ME, LORD! It was at that moment that I clearly heard God say, “Bring him home.”

I must confess that my initial response was, “What? Home? I am not homeschooling a child, must less a special needs child, No Way!” Now, realize that this was in the late 90s and there weren’t many support groups or websites for homeschoolers, yet God continued to press the issue. Finally, I told God that I would do it BUT, He would have to put someone right in the middle of my path to show me how to do this crazy thing called homeschooling.

That following Sunday, a new family visited our church for the first time. After worship service, my husband and I spoke with the family and found out that they home schooled their four children. We told them that God has just recently called us to home school our son, but we knew nothing about how to get started. The couple immediately shared that they had been praying for God to send them a new home school family to mentor and help.

WOW! What a jaw-dropping God moment! God not only heard my desperate cry for my son, but He also provided someone to walk alongside us that first year. By the way, that home school family joined another church, but God created a divine appointment for that specific Sunday… all because of a mother’s desperate cry.

To hear more about how God hears the desperate cries of our heart, listen to our “Get the Hell Out of Your Life” podcast, entitled I Found Healing. Ron visits with a young lady who was desperate to hear from God, and she did! You can listen to this podcast by following the link .  

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