Facing the Giants in Your Life

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Are you struggling with something right now that seems too big to handle? Maybe it’s a broken relationship, a call from the doctor, a lost job, an addiction, or a global virus? We all have giants in our life, things that seem too big, too scary, and too overwhelming. If we let them, these giants in our life can paralyze us with fear and stop us from achieving our God-given destiny.

Let me tell you a story about a young teenager named David and how God empowered him to take down the giant in his life. David was the youngest in a house full of boys, so when war came to the land, all of his older brothers went off to war while he was left behind to take care of the family’s flock of sheep. One day, David’s father sent him to check on his older brothers, who were preparing to do battle with the Philistine army. Imagine David’s surprise when he encounters a real-life giant (Goliath) on the battlefield. Now, Goliath was not only over 9-feet tall, but he was a bully who would mock and insult the Israelite’s army every day, challenging anyone to come out and fight him. As a result, the entire army was paralyzed with fear.

Then, in walks David, untrained in battle tactics but willing to do battle with Goliath! Remember, David worked on his family’s farm, watching and protecting the sheep from predators. When the King asked David what made him qualified to take on the giant, Goliath? David confidently replied, “The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this Philistine” (1 Samuel 17:37). David’s confidence wasn’t based on his skills but on the faithfulness of God. Faith in God allowed David to walk down into the valley, face the giant, and claim victory that day.

What about you? Did your giant come out of nowhere? Does your giant mock you daily and make you feel afraid and powerless? Well, you can be victorious, just like David, not based on your ability, worthiness, education, or status, but through the power of God. Remember, you can face any giant in your life because nothing is bigger than God! To read the full Bible story about David conquering Goliath, go to 1 Samuel 17. Also, to hear a real story of personal victory, go to our podcast, “Get the Hell Out of Your Life” on our website www.thepromoter.org and click on “Facing Your Giants.”

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