I Could Have Been a Millionaire!

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For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10 NLV

I could have been a millionaire. I was fast on my way. Greed was my personal God leading my every step.

The path I was on was full of misery, and emptiness so I fueled myself with a never-ending drive for more—more money and more self-promotion.  This only made things worse, the reality is, I was running on empty.

Something happened on the way to the office…

Thankfully, something happened on my way to the office eighteen years ago. God filled my heart with promise, purpose and a passion that I never had before. I took a detour on the road of life and that decision has given me more riches than any bank account.

I have little doubt that I would have achieved millionaire status had I continued on my destructive path of greed and selfish desires. Though I likely would have been living in a big city in a beautiful home with a luxury car my life would have been empty…a gilded prison of my own making.

And that life would have come at a hefty cost. I doubt I would have stayed married. I doubt I would have a meaningful relationship with my children. My life would have been devoid of what matters: the love of family and friends, the sounds of children growing up and the joy of grandchildren visiting. Without Jesus as my centerpiece, I would have never discovered my divine destiny.

Trusting God is Worth Millions

Trusting and relying on God is worth more than all the money in the world. When you stay attuned to His will rather than your desires, God strategically places people and opportunities in your path, leading you on a far more joyous journey with greater riches and rewards than you could have ever found on your own.

What about you?

If are on the highway to hell that I traveled, I invite you to take a detour and join me on this awesome journey called divine destiny. Spend time in prayer and reading the red words of Jesus and have an open and honest conversation with God. Trust Him to provide all that you need. Continually be grateful and always listen to that beautiful, still, small voice of truth inside that repairs, restores, and renews you and you follow God on an awesome adventure!

You and I may be without millions in this lifetime, but with God, we are storing our treasures in heaven for eternity!

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  • Mike Barnes

    Ron I am glad you found real happiness trust in Jesus and got off of the road of destruction. My life also was changed in October 1992 I found my life was headed to destruction did not have a clue what life was about. Thankful the Lord has pull me off the highway to Hell.

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