Current research confirms the connection between our mental and emotional condition and our physical health. Negative emotions such as unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger have been shown to have damaging consequences on our physical bodies.

Grace Under Pressure

The grace of a ballerina under pressure is breathtaking. The grace of a person under pressure is what the world needs. Remember, “We don’t give people what they deserve, we give them what they need,” and today we all need a little grace!

Real Power

Like many living in the path of Hurricane Ida, I became obsessed with the latest storm tracking. However, watching the updates hour after hour only seemed to cause a flood of anxiety in my spirit. I did not want to lose my power, and then God reminded me about His power in my life!

The Naked Truth

In a world that celebrates image over reality, it’s no wonder that most of us hide behind a facade. Every photo is strategically staged and edited to produce maximum feedback. Life, however, is seldom that perfect image we put out there for all to see.

The Best is Yet to Come

It’s always something, isn’t it, we get through one problem and another pops up. I want to share with you what helps me keep my sanity and stay positive. I want you to think about all the adversity that you have gone through in life. It has been tough for most of us, but we are here. We have survived and we must not go backward.

Facing the Giants in Your Life

Are you struggling with something right now that seems too big to handle? Maybe it’s a broken relationship, a call from the doctor, a lost job, an addiction, or a global virus? We all have giants in our life, things that seem too big, too scary, and too overwhelming. But with God’s help, you can face your giants and be victorious!

Overcoming Guilt & Shame

Do you struggle with guilt and shame over past mistakes?  If so, let me share with you the power found in God’s Word to break free from guilt and shame.

“Beauty in Ashes”

I found a spot on a hill and parked under an oak tree. I needed to think about my future. As I looked around, I noticed a few hundred feet away there stood a dilapidated old farmhouse with a “For Sale” sign stuck in front of it.

Faith Visited Me on Christmas

A week before Christmas, I was ready to give up and tell my family I was a failure. This is a story of “Faith” and how I found faith in our Lord again.

I Could Have Been a Millionaire!

The path I was on was full of misery, unhappiness, and emptiness. I fueled myself with a never-ending drive for more—more money and more self-promotion. The reality is, I was running on empty.

You Might not Like me, But God Loves me!

Are there people who, just don’t like you, or perhaps even hate you? We can change this world for good when we live and love like Jesus.

Going Too Far

Within months, anything left of who I was, was completely gone. I ended up losing my mind and became this empty girl that would sell her soul for the next high. If I had to steal, I would. All that mattered was that next high. I started to lose weight, was in and out of jails, hearing voices, and even.

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