“Beauty in Ashes”

I found a spot on a hill and parked under an oak tree. I needed to think about my future. As I looked around, I noticed a few hundred feet away there stood a dilapidated old farmhouse with a “For Sale” sign stuck in front of it.

Faith Visited Me on Christmas

A week before Christmas, I was ready to give up and tell my family I was a failure. This is a story of “Faith” and how I found faith in our Lord again.

I Could Have Been a Millionaire!

The path I was on was full of misery, unhappiness, and emptiness. I fueled myself with a never-ending drive for more—more money and more self-promotion. The reality is, I was running on empty.

You Might not Like me, But God Loves me!

Are there people who, just don’t like you, or perhaps even hate you? We can change this world for good when we live and love like Jesus.

Going Too Far

Within months, anything left of who I was, was completely gone. I ended up losing my mind and became this empty girl that would sell her soul for the next high. If I had to steal, I would. All that mattered was that next high. I started to lose weight, was in and out of jails, hearing voices, and even.

A Day With The Devil

The devil doesn’t mind if you go to church. He wants you to bring your casseroles to the potluck suppers and become a busy volunteer. You feel good and you tell yourself, “I am needed.”  

You can’t walk on water if you don’t get out of the boat!

I don’t know if I can pull it off! Those were my thoughts when confronted with producing my first ever event. How many books have never been written or dreams that died because of being afraid? I carry a rock in my pocket as a reminder that I am as dumb as this rock at times, but with Jesus, I can do the impossible.

Steps to Nowhere

Do you ever feel like you are walking steps to nowhere? You do all the right things, pray all the right prayers, and yet you don’t seem to make the progress you are capable of.

Remove the Mask

So much of my life I wore a mask to cover up the hurts in my life. The real me was hiding and an impostor was speaking.

Grace Set’s You Free

My past was so full of ungodly things that when I became a Christian, I became as busy as a bee doing works to please God. Every day I woke up thinking of things I better not do and the things I better do. After a while, it was getting exhausting and I was beginning to feel like a hamster running on a wheel, absolutely getting nowhere.

Be Still and Hear God

I love my quiet time. My productions cause me to be around large noisy crowds, but when the music stops, it’s me and God and I don’t let anything hinder my quiet time. Do you ever feel like you are in a rut or perhaps you are dealing with questions and you just can’t seem to get clear answers?

Are You a Modern Day Joseph?

You might be a modern-day Joseph if… People laugh at your dreams Your friends and family plot against you You aren’t like everyone else, you don’t blend in Your co-workers falsely accuse you You aren’t good enough to be part of the establishment You lay down at night believing God is going to use you, […]

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