#17- Bryant Lavender – Fight for your Dream – A part of Bryant  died with his father’s passing. The 13-year-old said his goodbyes to his father at the funeral but what he didn’t lay to rest was the promise he’d made to his dad.

Sharon’s Story – Confessions of a Call Girl – Sharon was lured into dancing at a men’s club and sold to men. Then God made a change.

#16 -Robby’s Story – Hotels, Hookers and Heroin.  I grew up Catholic but ran from God until He caught me.

#15- Sam’s Story, I grew up in church but rebelled against God. At age 10 started drugs. I am the Prodigal Son!

#14 – Nathan’s Story, I used to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. My story can help anyone with addiction.

#13 – Kristie Johnson  – A special program: What is Passover and what does it have to do with Easter?

#12 -Stephanie Long lives outside of New Orleans, She shares her inspirational story about COVID 19.

#11 –  Your heavenly vaccine against sickness and a prophetic dream from Ron.

#10 – One of our BEST shows. Encouragement, Empowerment & Inspiration.

#9 – Kandi, speaks about dealing with uncertainty in uncertain time.

#8 – Rodney Williams blew his trailer up and caught on fire cooking meth! His life would never be the same.

#7 – Sharon was lured into dancing at a men’s club and sold to men. One day she had a divine intervention by God.

#6 –Stephanie got a text from her brother. A few days later he died unexpectedly. She discovered the text until after his funeral.

#5 – Robby, an All American Football Player hated how he looked at 308 pounds. Today, he is a author and nutritional.

#4 – Janice was at work when she got the news her son Sean had committed suicide. She turned her pain into her purpose.

#3 – Jennifer’s Story, a party girl who was going to prison, but God stepped in and changed her destiny to a life of purpose and passion.

#2 – Lynette’s life lessons from caring for her daughter who had terminal cancer. Her story is for anyone dealing with cancer.

# 1 – Greg’s Story, a pastor who lost his church and wife because of an addiction to prescription pain killers for 13 years.

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