The Naked Truth

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The Naked Truth

Let me ask you, “When was the last time you were totally transparent with someone?”

In a world that celebrates image over reality, it’s no wonder that most of us hide behind a facade. Every photo is strategically staged and edited to produce maximum feedback. Every relationship is presented as loving and harmonious, and every child is an academic or athletic over-achiever. Life, however, is seldom that perfect image we put out there for all to see.

Twenty-five years ago, my marriage looked perfect from the outside. My husband and I had both graduated from college, had productive careers, regularly attended church, and even taught a children’s class on Sunday mornings. We looked good! The truth, though, was not so pretty. The truth was that our marriage was filled with addiction, betrayal, hurt, anger, and bitterness. The naked truth was we were both broken, and no amount of Photoshop was going to make it better.

Then, right in the middle of my pain, God sent a friend into my life, someone who had struggled in her marriage and come out the other end victorious. She met weekly with me and taught me to bring God all my pain, anger, and bitterness. Like a person with a serious illness, I learned to cry out to God, to acknowledge that He was the only one equipped to heal my marriage. I wish I could tell you the healing came overnight, but it took three years of crying out to God, of bringing Him the naked truth about my marriage, myself, and my emotions, before my marriage became healthy. This year we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary! Through it all, I found that the healing began when I stopped asking God to fix my problem and started asking Him to change my heart.

Maybe you weren’t raised in the church, maybe you’ve never prayed to God, maybe you don’t even believe there is a God. Regardless of where you are, I would encourage you to reach out to God. Whether it’s a broken marriage, an addiction, depression, fear or anxiety, God will be there to bring healing and hope to your tired soul. Don’t be afraid to pray, to bring God the naked truth about your needs, your pain, your desires. He is a good Father and wants only the best for you and your life. “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in faithful love” (Psalm 103:8). You’ve tried everything else… Why not try God, today!

To hear Jenn’s story of personal victory, go to our podcast, “Get the Hell Out of Your Life” on our website and click on “Naked and Not Afraid.”

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