The Power of YOUR Ideas!

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One of the greatest gifts from God is our ability to dream, create, inspire, and enjoy. I have spent most of my life taking thoughts and ideas and turning them into an income stream. Have you ever considered the power of your ideas if you move from thought to action? If more people would seek answers to problems, there’s no telling what we can create.

Our answers can come from God if we are willing to seek His direction and purpose for our lives. I have dedicated the rest of my life shouting from the highest mountain, “Fulfill Your Purpose!” God is the creator of the universe, including each of us. He created us on purpose and with a purpose. He fulfills that purpose by illuminating our unique personality, talents, and gifts. Soon we are a bright light in a dark world.

From my perspective, I don’t see God failing us; I see us failing God. When I draw close to God, I can feel His presence and His thoughts for me. He will draw close to us and soon ideas, thoughts and destiny changing things will happen. He inspires me as He will you to fill your heart, mind, and soul with His infinite love and His supernatural ideas.

This weekend, November 12-14, I will be working on one of my dreams, the Christmas City Gift Show. Over 38 years ago, I had a vision for a Christmas Market. I invited vendors to come set-up and sell their ideas and creations. That idea grew into one of the Largest Gift Shows in the South with a waiting list of vendors to get into the show. During the growth of the show, I used my God-given talents to produce an event that shoppers would enjoy. Over 10,000 people come through the doors each year to experience what was once only an idea. An idea that has employed and supported hundreds of thousands of individuals.

When I look back over the accomplishments, I can only marvel at the awesomeness of God. I had a lot of good ideas on my own, but when I asked for some God ideas, WOW! As God incorporated His desire into my ideas, life began to get exciting.

What about you? Have you put ideas on hold? Are you in need of a fresh idea? God wants to fill your head with His ideas. Ideas that will give you direction, purpose, peace, joy, hope, and love. Life is about to get good when you ASK God for His supernatural ideas! I have also discovered, the more God ideas I have, the more energy and zeal I have for life. I pray and hope today is the day that you will ask God to fill you with God ideas. God has a plan, now go and embrace life with God ideas!

Listen to my Podcast as I talk about the power of Your ideas!

If you attend Christmas City, please look for me and say Hi!


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