What if you really knew Jesus?

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Many people think they know Jesus and churches are full of people who talk about Jesus, sing about Jesus, but do they know the real Jesus?

Real people need real friends!

Many people today do not have real friends.  A friend they can confide in. A friend they can trust with important matters.  A friend that will not judge them.  A friend that won’t lecture them when they make a mistake.  A friend that will cheer them on.  I see a lonely hurting world and church because real friends are disappearing.  We have heard that man’s best friend is a dog! You can’t deny the loyalty of a precious pooch. But my best friend is Jesus!  Before you go and say, “Oh here we go again, some Jesus freak,” please allow me to share this special and personal relationship I have with the real Jesus. It is so incredible! And He has asked me to share with you about my friendship now because He desires an intimate friendship with you too.

The real Jesus is a real friend!

It all began at age fifteen when I contemplated suicide.  As I put a belt around my neck, my friend, Jesus, interrupted my train of thought and spoke to my heart. He told me that my life was precious and He had a plan for me.  My real friend, Jesus, saved my life. Then again in a crisis, when I was twenty-one and married, my wife ran off with the next door neighbor. She left me all alone with our two beautiful children. I suddenly became a single parent.  It was my real friend, Jesus, that spoke to my heart that evening in the living room of my mobile home, and said, “It is going to be all right.”  My friend, Jesus, gave me a “peace that surpasses all understanding,” Phil 4:7.

The real Jesus Encourages!

When I was twenty-four I wanted to start a production company and all my friends laughed at my dreams.  It was my real friend, Jesus, that never laughed at my dreams and but rather encouraged me to pursue them. Today my company is thirty-three years strong.  Then there was the time when I hit burn out in 1998. I confided in my friend, Jesus, that I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. He told me my time had arrived.  My friend, Jesus, moved me into my divine destiny.  My real friend, Jesus, became my mentor, my teacher, my life coach, and my hero.

The real Jesus pushes us into destiny!

In 2001 an unexpected opportunity came to be on Christian Radio. My reaction was to think, but I have never done radio before.  It was my real friend, Jesus, who said, “I will teach you.”  My real friend, Jesus, taught me and inspired me with words of encouragement that eventually led to me becoming General Manager.  My real friend, Jesus, gently pushed me into my destiny.  When the radio station closed and I was terminated, which was perhaps the most difficult time of my entire life, my friend, Jesus said, “Remember what I told you at age fifteen.  The best is yet to come.”  My real friend Jesus was re-positioning me to begin promoting the real Jesus.  I have shared here, just a handful of the many times in which my real friend, Jesus, took care of me. I hope you see why I am a promoter of the greatest friend you and I could ever have.

The real Jesus is a real friend as we face the future!

So now, here it is 2016 and it looks like the world is falling apart and without my real friend Jesus, I would be fearful and want to go hide in an underground tunnel. But my real friend, Jesus, said, “Ron take comfort in me. I did not come to condemn the world, but to save the world. You will see and experience trials and tribulations, but I have overcome the world.  You need have no fear for I am holding you in the palm of my hand, and nothing can take you away from me. I am your strength, your advocate, your inspiration, your wisdom and everything you could possibly need.” Jesus has proved to me that this is true.  I believe the future looks better than ever and more people are going to discover the real Jesus, the real friend, not the irrelevant Jesus that many churches and the media have created. I want to be a part of this exciting future and I pray you will join me!

The real Jesus will talk with you!

I want to end with a story from Max Lucado, about a priest who was visiting a dying man in the hospital. As the priest came into the hospital room he noticed an empty chair by his bed. The priest asked, “Did you just have a visitor?” The man answered, “No, the chair is for Jesus.” Puzzled by this, the priest asked him to explain. The dying man smiled and explained that a friend had once told him that prayer was as simple as pulling up a chair and talking with Jesus.  So the man said, “Ever since that day, I always pull up a chair and talk with Jesus.” Several days later the daughter of this man came in to visit the priest in the parish house to inform him of her dad’s death. She told him, “I only left him for a few hours, he seemed so content; strange thing though, his head wasn’t on the pillow when he died; His head was lying on an empty chair next to his bed.”

The one thing you must know…

My friend, the real Jesus, loves you so much; you can crawl into his lap and sit, or even lay down with your head in his lap.  You are His precious child with an awesome plan He has made for you. This is your time to spend some quality time with a real friend that will never leave you!

“…But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24 NIV

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7 NIV

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    Faye Lancaster

    Ron, thank you for sharing your personal relationship with Jesus! I love Jesus and I know He has been there for me all of my life. ….through my younger wild days and through my totally changed life since then. God is so very good. He has led me through the bad and the good days. I know I just have to keep praising Him even when Satan tries to draw me away from Him. I have a great pastor and church family that God truly blessed my family and me with. GOD L❤️VES you!!! Thanks again for your beautiful message.

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