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Who is the Promoter?

Ron Meyers is a Promoter. That’s what he has been doing for over 35 years. On Oct. 23, 1998, he changed his product from bikinis and beer to the life changing power of God. By his own admission, his festivals became well known for their raucous results.

His life change came when he hit a point of misery. The more money and notoriety, the emptier he felt. One day out of desperation he called out to God, “Why am I so miserable?” He heard that beautiful still small voice that told him it was time to put away his toys and follow Jesus. He surrendered to God and came home and began the closing of his offices and started a ministry. He was a sign and wonder of how God can take the lost and give them a destiny that will advance the Kingdom of God. That was over twenty years ago, and he has never looked back.

He started a ministry in an abandoned warehouse. People from all walks of life started coming to hear a message of hope. He went to the highways and byways to call people to a life with Christ and hundreds traded their old life for a new life. Ron was on Christian Radio for ten years sharing the message of hope with a daily radio show.

Today, Ron is writing a book entitled, “The Promoter” which should be out in the Summer of 2020. He has a simple but powerful message; it is time to trust the voice of God and discover your divine destiny.

“We are in living in turbulent times and it is imperative that people understand their purpose.  My destiny is to encourage, empower and inspire individuals to discover their divine destiny. It is only when you are in God’s purpose that you will see the world through the eyes of God.  Please consider being a partner in helping me reach the world for Jesus Christ.” –

Ron Meyers

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