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Meet Ron Meyers

Ron Meyers is a fiery promoter that lives life with a passion for God. It all started in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Ron grew up in a lower middle-class family of nine. At a young age, Ron felt worthless and, out of desperation contemplated suicide, but the quiet voice of God rescued him and gave him hope and a sense of destiny. Soon after high school, Ron enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi, for five years. In 1981, Ron started the Ron Meyers Production Company that promoted fairs, festivals, and concerts in the gulf coast area. Today, Ron has promoted over 200 events, the largest one being the Christmas City Gift Show for the past 38 years.

In 1998, Ron gave his life to Jesus and began the Ron Meyers Ministries with the vision to empower, encourage, and inspire others to discover their God-given destiny. You can listen to his weekly podcast here on this website where you will hear stories of real people who have real struggles and have found real hope through faith in Jesus. In addition, Ron has written a children’s book entitled Little Johnny and the Voice of Truth, which encourages children to listen to the voice of God in their life. Most recently in 2020, Ron has published his life story in the book, The Promoter. To get a free copy of The Promoter, go to the homepage, scroll to the bottom, and click to receive your free copy of this inspiring book today.

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