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Who is the Promoter?

Let me introduce you to Ron Meyers. Ron was born into a large, lower middle-class family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At a time when children were meant to be seen and not heard, he started out as the black sheep of the family. Always curious, headstrong, and into everything, he became a bit of a rebel resulting in several school transfers. He was bullied a lot and there were those, including his parents, who wondered if he would ever amount to anything. But Ron knew God had other plans for him. He wasn’t an academic genius, graduating High School with only a “C” Average. But through it all, or perhaps because of it, he never let it stop him from hanging onto his dreams; believing that one day, he would make a difference in the world. Ron was determined to follow his dreams.

After graduation, Ron enlisted in the United States Air Force and spent 5 years stationed at Keesler Air Force Base. After the Air Force he became a manager of a health club which lead to his producing the first ever Bodybuilding Show on the Gulf Coast, even after being told it would never work. Encouraged with the success of his first event, he moved on to Fairs, Festivals and Concert. He went on to produce the Gulfport Crawfish Festival for over 16 years. He also began producing Christmas Festivals, with shows in Mobile, Alabama,  Pensacola, Florida, and The New Orleans Superdome; Eventually Christmas City found its permanent home at the Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi where it is now one of the largest Christmas Gift Show in the south attracting vendors from all over the United States.

Along the way he married his lovely wife Karen of 33 years and together they have 4 children. Ron also worked for WAOY Christian Radio hosting a radio show for over ten years called, “Discover Your Destiny.” He’s written and published a children’s book, “Little Johnny and The Voice of Truth,” and is currently producing a radio program called, “Get the Hell Out of your Life,” heard Saturday mornings on Newstalk radio 104.9 and has just released, The Promoter, his story!

Ron is available for speaking engagements and interviews. His email is

Ron Meyers

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The PromoterRon's Story

In The Promoter Ron Meyers gives readers an intimate, firsthand account of his life. Full of personal stories, God ordained opportunities, and practical guidelines. This book will inspire you to become the person God created you to become.