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I would love to share my story with you by sending you a copy of my book, “The Promoter.” This book is about my journey for purpose and meaning in life. Like many other people, I grew up in a dysfunctional family where I was told I would never amount to much. These negative voices in my childhood led me to want to end my life at the age of eleven, but God stepped in and saved my life that day, both physically and spiritually. Yet, the question remained, “What is my purpose in life?” The rest of the book is about how God directed and guided me toward that purpose. Yes, there were many mistakes/setbacks along the way (which I share in the book), but today I am doing things now that I never knew I could do.

This book was written for the person who is also searching for their purpose in life. To encourage that person who may think that their past mistakes disqualify them from a purposeful and meaningful life. I want every person who reads this book to know that God loves them (regardless of their past) and that they too can live out their God-given destiny.

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