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Meet the Promoter.

Ron Meyers is an entrepreneur who has followed his dreams since he was a teenager. After serving for five years in the United States Air Force, he started Ron Meyers Productions, which has produced over 200 events. Ron was known for promoting swimwear calendars, concerts, festivals, arm wrestling matches, and anything that could make a buck! These events attracted large crowds, and Ron enjoyed living the high life. However, something life-changing happened on his way to becoming a millionaire: he ran into Jesus and discovered his destiny. He remained an entrepreneur, but his focus changed from being all about him to being all about doing life with Jesus.

Today, Ron is a Christian entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and promoter. He promotes destiny and loves interviewing individuals who share their testimonies of overcoming life’s struggles through God’s grace. He also loves to encourage and inspire individuals to follow their dreams. “We have each been given certain talents, skills, and abilities to be shared with the world.”

He has also written a book titled “The Promoter,” which details his life story from childhood to the present day. Ron loves to speak to groups about how to Discover their Destiny. God has a Plan!

Ron Meyers attended the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. More than four million people participated in the revival from 1995 to 2000. On September 20, 2000, Ron was asked to share his story. Following Ron’s testimony, Pastor John Kilpatrick whispered a prophecy to Ron. Ron shares it at the end of the video.

Why we exist?

“Our destiny is to connect with individuals searching for purpose, joy, peace, and hope. I am not a minister, nor do I have a church. I am a Christian entrepreneur who realized that living with Jesus is the only way to live. I believe that until one understands one’s destiny, one may wander through life, seeking acceptance and often following worldly desires. We aim to empower you to become all God has created you to grow into. To live a life that shares your unique gifts, talents, and skills with the world.”

What's your Story?

Sharing your story of God’s amazing grace can change a person’s destiny forever!

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