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Meet the Promoter.

Before Jesus, Ron was known for promoting bikini contests, arm wrestling matches, beer drinking, and rowdy and raunchy Festivals. These events attracted large crowds, and Ron enjoyed living the high life. However, something life-changing happened on his way to becoming a millionaire: he ran into Jesus. He walked away from it all to discover his destiny and promote Jesus. That was over 25 years ago, and Ron has never looked back.

Today, he is a speaker, podcaster, and event producer who provides a platform for individuals to share their testimonies of overcoming life’s struggles through God’s grace. His goal is to reach ten million people worldwide with these amazing testimonies of God’s grace. We will do this through podcasts, radio, events, speaking engagements, social media campaigns, billboards, and television.

His prayer request is for you to pray for this ministry and consider donating. He has also penned a book titled “The Promoter,” which details his life story from his childhood to the present day. Ron would be delighted to send you a signed copy of his book.

Ron Meyers attended the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. More than four million people participated in the revival from 1995 to 2000. On September 20, 2000, Ron was asked to share his story. Following Ron’s testimony, Pastor John Kilpatrick whispered a prophecy to Ron. Ron shares it at the end of the video.

Why we exist?

This ministry exists for the person who is tired of church. For the person that just doesn’t fit in with society. For the person that feels like a misfit, a broken toy that no one wants to play with.

I do not have a church, only a ministry that promotes the goodness and grace of Jesus. My guests were broken and desperate. 99% never met Jesus in church. They prayed for a sign, receiving redemption, forgiveness, and union with Jesus in a nanosecond.

My heart and compassion are for the voiceless, the individual who feels guilty, condemned and carries shame. I believe if they hear real stories, with real struggles, and real hope, it will help them decide to do life with Jesus.

What's your Story?

Sharing your story of God’s amazing grace can change a person’s destiny forever!

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